Friday, April 27, 2012

The food in Nepal differs from the one culture to the another. However, here’s a typical sample of food from different cultures in Nepal. The food of Nepal is as diverse as the people of the country. The Nepalese cuisine  are very simple and easy to cook. However, Nepalese food are made by extensive use of spices like ginger,  garlic, coriander, peeper, chilies, cumin, mustard oil, ghee etc  but full of nutrition. Nepalese cuisine are very delicious with its various kinds.

 Dal, Bhat and Tarkari - translated as Lentils, Rice and Curried vegetable. It is the main staple diet of most Nepali people.

 Nepali Cuisine has it's own distinguish taste and flavour and are influenced by diffrent culture of the ethnic group living in Nepal.There are different ethnic group in nepal like Newar , Sherpa , Thakali , Gurung , etc whose food are influnced by their own culture.